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Energy Resources

Solar Energy
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How they work.

The most common form of solar energy is photovoltaic.  The word photo means light, and voltaic means energy.  Photovoltaic cells are made mainly out of silicon.  The cells are thin circles, and rectangles.  They are scattered about 3 to four inches across. 


The cells work when the suns light, photons hit the semi conductor.  This is usually silicon.  When the sun light hits the semi conductor it frees some of the electrons.  This creates an electrical current.  About one watt which is the measurement of electricity is created through the photovoltaic cells. 

Pros of PV-cells 
    • Source is renewable for billions of years.
    • Does not cause harmful emissions. 

Cons of PV-cells

    • Currently PV-cells are very expensive.
    • The government would have to make all houses be in direct sunlight.
    • Construction companies will have to build energy efficient houses, and be able to install PV-cells properly. 



A Diagram of PV-cells.